Taxes 101

Posted: December 11, 2010 in ALL POSTS, Misc. World Blogs
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This blog is aimed at the ideas put forth by the Tea Partier’s and others with a libertarian bent.

Firstly, I would like to list these two facts:

  1. No Country, Empire,  state, providence, county, city or village can operate or ever has operated without taxes.
  2. Since taxes are obviously essential and they are used for such diverse purposes, no person or special interest group should be dictating what should or should not be taxed and how the taxes are spent.

Given that these two facts are true, we conclude that government is needed, therefore taxes are needed to run the government and pay for the myriad of aspects of the infrastructure that government allocates those taxes to pay for.   So, if you are arguing against taxes, you are arguing against government.  You are therefore an anarchist.

I’d like to make a not-so-modest proposal:

I suggest that a large chunk of southern Dakota or northern Wyoming (the badlands) be cordoned off and all who don’t want to pay any taxes  should be exempted from them and granted a parcel of land where they will be allowed to undertake the insurmountable task of building their own: Schools, libraries, roads(yes, I guess each person will be responsible for building the road in front of her or his land grant), road signs, traffic signals  bridges and of course law enforcement.

Should such an unlikely scenario occur, I wager the first thing that would happen would be the formation of a a committee and secondly that committee would decide to elect officials to perform various functions and finally and the first decision made by this new government would be made to levy taxes.

Since Reagan Americans have increasingly gotten away without paying the taxes needed to run the massive infra-structure this country has — AND that is why it is falling apart.

Folks, we all need to bite the bullet and pay our fair share, especially those of you who have more money than any person could spend in his or her life.  Or perhaps we should just quit calling ourself the united states, break up into fifty-two separate little countries – of course with tax included.

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