I listened with fascination to the information revealed about various world leaders through Wikileaks and what I had long suspected was confirmed:
Our world is run by a bunch of chronologically adult men  who are developmentally  still in middle school.   Wikileaks of course is just reporting on the current group of leaders, but if there were some way for Wikileaks to reveal the comments and actions of all leaders for the past five to seven thousand years —  since discovery of agriculture when the bulk of humanity left hunting and gathering behind — I think the same kind of nonsense would be revealed.

Before agriculture and animal husbandry men had the clear role of hunting, gathering, protecting the communities from big bad beasts and of course other men.  They were well suited to these activities by their ability to shoot from the hip and crush anything in their path.  With the advent of agriculture and large protected communities, there sphere of influence shifted to the home front.  Since men are bigger and more aggressive, they decided that they should be in charge and for those same reasons they got away with it.   They even decided that god is a man at the same time as blaming all women for sin, which really increased their power .

Women, before this time were in most hunter gatherer groups (contrary to what  Hollywood would lead us to believe) in charge of all matters on the home front and made most of the decisions — they really ran the show.

I propose that it is time for men to collectively step down and let woman take over the chore of running the world.   Men should still be allowed to do some man-like activities, like blowing away Bambi and barking at the moon or playing and watching sports.   There activities should however be closely monitored by women the rest of the time though.  Perhaps each home should have a place where the “man of the house” can be kept kind of like a dog crate only bigger and at the end of each day they could be allowed out to go to the bathroom and bark at the moon or mow the lawn — maybe even grill something.

Yes I know, you can site such leaders as say Margaret Thatcher as an example of female leaders shooting from the hip, but examples like her (him?) in my opinion do not count, because in the male-dominated world female leaders feel that they have to behave like spoiled fourteen year-olds to fit in.

Unfortunately, I really don’t expect anything vaguely like my suggestion to occur in the near future, so I guess the world is going to continue on its current path of perpetual war.

  1. Having never been married for any substantial time, I believe your observations are somewhat off. Any HONEST married man in a “successful” (meaning long term, not necessarily happy) relationship will admit that the woman is the BOSS. Woman do not use “size and physical power” to dominate… they have more subtle (yet very effective) ways to bend any decision to their will. AND, yes, most women have allowed “their guy” to have (an inhabit) his very own “man-cave”, as long as that does not interfere with her plans.

    I assert that what really changed when we abandoned the “hunter-gatherer” way of life was that GREED entered into the equation. Before then, all you needed to survive was all around you and was accessible to anyone who wanted to spend the time and effort to harvest it. There was no need for ownership or “storage” because supplies were readily available. Once humans started planting, harvesting and owning, they found it necessary to “have something”… mostly, that was food in the beginning, but. over time. evolved into “money”, and, inevitably, to a sense of “more is better”.

    History has repeatedly shown that “having more” has been the motivation for ALL major events (insert wars here)…. one could argue that if women had been more overtly in charge, these wars would have been less destructive, but I feel they would still have taken place. After all, women WANT as many (if not more) things than men. They just use less confrontational ways to get it!

    No matter how you look at it, GREED is the basis of all the ills facing our world today. AND, I don’t see any way that this will change. No one is willing to give up what they have so that someone else could have more. Are you??

    • worldtake says:

      but I wasn’t referring to normal people, but leaders — those who seek and gain power over many people. Men should just not be allowed in that game at all.

      • worldtake says:

        Now for a little longer reply:
        You make some excellent points and your “greed” argument makes sense, but I think it was men’s physical power and aggressiveness that makes their greedy behavior much more dangerous. Woman tend to take the long view and men tend to take action. I was married for six years myself and have had several fairly long-term relationships and am aware of “subtle (yet very effective)” female behavior to which you refer. I say is not natural, but has developed as a result of having to use subterfuge to make their way in a violent male dominated world.
        My observation of woman in charge is much more personal. In my 30 year career in human services I have never had a male supervisor I liked as a supervisor. Some of them were my friends, but none in my opinion were good supervisors. On the other hand, every female supervisor I have ever had, has been good, particularly for the last ten years. AURORA is a total Matriarch. The executive director is a woman, the supervisor of blind services is a woman(my boss, Joyce THE BEST), the office manager and her assistant are woman, the finance manager is a woman — there are no male supervisors and it is the most perfectly run organization I have ever encountered. Everybody always gets along and you never hear anyone saying “I hate working here”
        I reassert that wars would indeed be fewer and further between were women in charge.

  2. maybe except when they’re having their period!! and, oh yeah, the biggie… menopause!! LOL

  3. fishsnorkel says:

    Ross, you’re now on my quote list:

    “Our world is run by a bunch of chronologically adult men who are developmentally still in middle school.”


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