Lovesick Squirrel

Posted: December 18, 2010 in ALL POSTS, Humor, Weird
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As I was walking out my back door early this fall, I heard a strange high-pitched singing emitting from behind my garage.  Upon inspecting I was amazed to see a larger than average squirrel perched on a log with a much smaller than average guitar propped on his knee.  Luckily I had my digital recorder handy and was able to record one song.  Apparently he favors Hank Williams.

Click HERE to hear the song

  1. you got the “sick” part right…

  2. […] like, “Anti Aging” “Cream” which does not deserve an explanation and “Lovesick Squirrel“, which is also rather weak. I do think that my blog about “The Empty bus“, which […]

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