A Mystery Noise

Posted: December 20, 2010 in ALL POSTS, Weird
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A Mystery Noise

It was 11:26 P.M when the mystery noise began and I will explain later why I know it was exactly that time.  I had been doing work on my computer for six hours straight, was tired and ready for bed.  As I stood up from my computer I suddenly heard a high pitched continuous electronic squeal.  When I tried to locate the source of the sound, I couldn’t seem to detect its direction.  So, I shut down my computer.  The noise was still there.  I unplugged the computer and all of its peripherals.  The noise was still there.  I started walking around my house and found that it didn’t matter which room I went to, the incredible grating continuous beep without the “p,” was still there! No matter how much I turned around attempting to locate the source, I could never quite pinpoint its origin in any room.

After finding the sound everywhere in my house – basement, first & second floors, and attic – I made another discovery.  If I stood still the sound stopped, but if I then began to wave my arms around, the noise immediately started back up.  The sound was the most evident as I was swinging my arms through the air and as I waved my arms, the pitch of the tone seemed to vary, as if some field was reacting to my arms movement.

I decided then to eliminate the house’s electrical power as a source, by throwing all the switches at the breaker box.  This I did, waving my arms in the total dark and hearing that annoying noise.

At this point I began to get a little worried, asking myself such questions as: Is my house somehow bugged by incompetent CIA agents, who set the recording volume so high as to cause feedback?  Are aliens invading my neighborhood?  And more disturbingly, am I losing my mind?

I devised a test that I thought would prove that the sound was real.  Using a long cord attached to the microphone jack on my computer on one end and a microphone in the middle of my living room a full ten feet from me at the other, I recorded a few minutes setting the recording level as high as it would go.   For the first few seconds of the recording I sat still and did not wave my arms and heard no sound.  I then waved my arms and the sound came back as clear as ever.  After continuing the waving long enough to get a good sample, I stopped the recording, but when I played it back, the background noise that would be there normally was there, but nothing else.  The sound wasn’t there

This is it I thought, I really have lost my mind.  I was really quite disturbed at this point.  Was I going to continually hear this annoying noise every time I move?  As this thought hit home,  I leaned forward putting my elbows on the desk and thrusting my forehead into my upturned palms.  At that instant I noticed that the sound got much louder and seemed to be clearly coming from my left.  It was then with great relief, that I realized that my digital Casio G-shock watch was the culprit.  It had died at 11:26 through some internal electronic failure or another and was issueing its death scream as long as it had power.   When I made the discovery it was 1:00 a.m.  I had spent one hour and thirty four minutes tearing my house apart and my hair out.  I then took the watch off  retired with great relief, but the watch continued its death scream – toward the end it was more of a death squeak –  all night and most of the next day before it had sucked the final juice from the battery.

  1. Funny as shit! I would have smashed it with a hammer or flushed it myself… or, just change the battery!

  2. Spencer LaPatra says:

    Definitely very funny. Even funnier when you hearRoss tell it in person.

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