For those who feel that Don’t Ask Don’t tell should not be repealed, I have this message:

Bigotry is not a family value.  It is a social disease.

For those who think that people actually choose their sexual preference, I would ask:

How old were you when you chose  your sexual preference?

Me?  I first became aware of my attraction to the opposite sex around the age of three or four.  I remember I was playing on the floor in our kitchen and my mother and a lady friend of hers were sitting and talking at the kitchen table.  I remember distinctly seeing the stockinged legs of my mother’s friend and became exited — I got my first woody.   Of course at that time I was completely unaware of what was going on, but no man’s or boy’s body ever affected me in that way and never has since.

My point is that people become aware of their sexuality long before they are ever able cognitively to even understand the concept of what is happening, let alone being able to make decisions about what their sexual preference is.  I therefore conclude that nobody EVER makes a choice about what their sexual preference is or is going to be.

It is true that if a homosexual decides that he or she does not want to put up with the incredible hassle that a bigoted society puts them through, they can either decide to be celibate or pretend to be attracted to the opposite sex — pass as heterosexual.   I also think it is fair to conclude that we are probably born with our sexual preference — it is part of our genetic makeup.  If our sexuality is evident before we can have any understanding of it, then what other conclusion can be made?

  1. While I agree with almost all you’ve said here (and there are many theories about how a person’s sexual preference is determined), the real issue is the idiotic premise that “God is against it”. To make this a religious issue is totally absurd and completely without any logical grounds. Anyone who quotes the Bible, an epic mythological novel at best, as a definitive source for anything, is a complete moron. It is really disturbing to me how many of these radical right-wing nutjobs there are today in our society and the amount of vitriol they spew in the name of “christianity”… they are every bit as dangerous (and erroneous) as the radical Moslems who use their religious beliefs as an excuse to commit terrorism. The scariest part of all this is the amount of control these two groups are gaining in today’s world.

  2. worldtake says:

    Frankly Speaking,
    Well stated. Most of the theories you refer to are themselves based on ignorance. With all the immense study that his been done on this subject, nobody has ever found one shred of evidence that a person’t sexual preference is based on any environmental factors.

  3. Spencer LaPatra says:

    Both the entry and comment are very logical and cogent.

  4. […] I applaud how these revelations reveal just how stupid our world leaders (mostly men) are.  ”Don’t ask Don’t Tell” is just one of my several blogs that attack the moronic bigoted behavior in the world.   In […]

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