The Walmarting of America

Posted: December 26, 2010 in ALL POSTS, Misc. World Blogs, News Rants
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I wrote the following letter to the editor of our local Newspaper some time in 2001 and I was wondering how accuratly it has predicted the future we now live in.  What do you all think? Here is the letter:

Dear Editor,

While doing post-graduate studies at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas, I noticed that this small city had basically one shopping venue — a Super Wal-Mart.  By questioning my professors and others, I found that when Wal-Mart arrived there were a variety of commercial venues — grocery stores, department stores, etc — commensurate with the size of the town.  But, most of them could not compete with Wal-Mart’s prices.  In fact the claim by some that I spoke with was that Wal-Mart deliberately sold their products so cheaply that not only did they make no profit, but took an overall loss — that driving others out of business was their plan in the first place.  After most of the other venues had gone, Wal-Mart in fact, raised their prices.

I bring this up because I think the world just might be getting Wal-Marted by China.  At least in the USA, we cannot compete with China in producing all the items we need and crave.  So eventually, most if not all of production of goods will be out-sourced, with a lion’s share going to China.  Then when China has practically no competition, the prices will rise, the standard of living in China will shoot up, as the standard of living plummets here and elsewhere.

And to carry the whole thing even further, since in this scenario a really large percentage of the population will not be able to afford the price of the high quality Chinese merchandise — for example if the price of a sweater that one could get previously for $9.99 shoots up to $75.00 or that DVD player that was $55.00 and is up to $500   People will still want and need clothing, appliances, etc, so what will probably happen?  We will start producing cheap sub-standard products to sell to ourselves.  “Made in the USA”, will become equivalent in meaning to the term “Made in Japan” as it was used in the 1950’s — signifying junk.

Are we are in trouble?  I think so.

I don’t know this, but I suspect that my predictions were on the money.  What do you all think


  1. well, I don’t see the prices jumping that much yet and there are no “made in America” products being produced here, so I’m not sure why you think your prediction is so accurate. Granted, this could all very well happen, but it hasn’t yet! The more troubling statistic is that this planet does not even have close to enough resources to support a large global middle class. As the enormous populations of India and China start to clamor for all the goodies America and Europe have enjoyed for so many years, you will see a definite shortage in all areas. I’m afraid we’re ALL headed to the Second Dark Ages. AND, what is totally probable (if not certain) is that, when the militarily mighty USA finds itself in NEED of those resources, they will try to just take them from those who have those “assets”. What do you think that will look like? Do you think Walmart will sell nukes by then?

    Just as aside, your present lay-out only shows your last 9 posts. There seems to be no way to see everything you’ve written …. of course, I can go into each category, but who would spend the time?

  2. worldtake says:

    No, my prediction has not entirely come true, but the very fact of the burgeoning “Globel Middle-class” you refer to is exactly what I meant. That enlarging middle-class will have an automatic effect of our lowering standard of living. And of course we will send in our Military as we always have when “our interests” dictate. Will we be heading for the dark ages? I say yes, not maybe, but for sure.

  3. Yes, the Dark Ages as in Nuclear Midnight… coupled with an already fragile eco-system (as in human-accelerated global warming) I think you have the makings of a truly cataclysmic future for mankind. Considering we have only about a 20 year reserve of oil (which will almost definitely be the first “resource” to disappear), it won’t be long before we’ll see the beginning of this nightmare. Sadly, it seems too late to do much about it, even if the “masses” were to wake up enough to realize the seriousness of the problem. It would take an “enlightened world government” to even have a chance of surviving and I don’t see that happening any time soon. So, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye and enjoy the last hours of the human experiment!!

  4. Spencer LaPatra says:


  5. […] is just one of my several blogs that attack the moronic bigoted behavior in the world.   In “The Wal-Marting of America“,  I talk about how China has adopted a similar policy of that adopted by Wal-mart to […]

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