December 29, 2010

Dear very rich people of America,

I would like to point out that I am a pacifist and do not advocate any form of violence.  With that stated, I would like to direct you to a certain historical event that I think you should examine and seriously consider.  The event I refer to is Robespierre’s  Rein of Terror (you can read more about that at  The main cause of this horrendous event was the incredible disparity between the rich and the poor that existed in France before the revolution.  We have not yet arrived at the point where people will take violent action against the wealthy, but we are rapidly descending in that direction.  Just something for you to think about as you continue to clutch every penny you can grasp.

Sincerely Yours


  1. We can only hope… have a happy (and prosperous) New Year!!

  2. Spencer LaPatra says:

    Your entries are addictive. One constructive criticism, however: wikipedia is notoriously unreliable as a source.

  3. worldtake says:

    While I agree with you that there are some inaccuracies on Wikipedia, by far, most of what you will find in there is very accurate, especially items like the one referred to about the Reign of Terror — articles about history — I know the article I referred you to is accurate, because I already have known those facts most of my life.
    I would be more skeptical about articles that talk about the way things are now or in the recent future. And, predicting of the future? None of the experts from any source have a good record of predicting the future. There are those who do in fact predict what will happen in the future — for example, I predicted the current world economic melt-down in a letter to the Post Standard just two years before the crash, and predicted it would happen in “within two years” — the problem is that every possible future imaginable is being predicted by somebody and nobody ever really knows what is going on until the future becomes the present. Actually — see my first point — until the future becomes the past, by at least one generation — when the truth starts to be revealed.

  4. […] a similar policy of that adopted by Wal-mart to economically crush everyone but them.  In ‘A Letter to the Rich“, I send these sycophants a warning.    In The God of Abraham VS Spirituality,  I detail […]

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