For over twenty centuries, followers of the god of Abraham have exerted an increasing influence on world events, to the point that now — and for quite some time — all aspects of human existence are not only affected, but also controlled by them.  Currently, this influential group includes: 2.1 billion Christians, 1.3 billion followers of Islam and fourteen million of Judaism.  Stated another way, 54% of the worlds faithful are followers of the God of Abraham. When that 54% is added to the 14 % of the world population that is non-religious, that only leaves a remaining 30% to include the rest of religious people in the world. The largest remaining major religion is Hinduism, with only a 14% share, followed by Buddhism comprising a tiny 6%.  At the end of this essay you can see a chart I prepared that illustrates the ratio of people in various religions to the world population. After reviewing these numbers,  it should come as no big surprise the influence God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, etc, has on the world.

These three so-called religions are actually three sects of the same religion, that I feel could quite adequately be referred to as JudChristlam.  To further illustrate this, consider that the differences that exist between Judaism, Christianity and Islam are no greater than the differences exist between the various sects within each of them.  For example, how similar are the rituals and religious practices of Irish Catholics to those of the Amish?  Quakers compared to Evangelical Christians?  Shiites to Sunni Muslims?, Hasidic to Liberal Jews?    One would certainly notice many differences between any of them that seem quite striking. But, when compared to Buddhism for example the three look very similar — almost identical.  A brief comparison between JudChristlam and Buddhism is illustrated in the table below:

Judaism Christianity Islam Buddhism
God Yaweh/Elohim Christ, Jehovah Allah None
Devil No(Adversary) Devil, Satan Satan None
This Life Now, plus test Test Test This is it
Afterlife Eden/Gehenna Heaven/Hell Heaven/Hell None
Redemption Prayer Confession/repentance Pray 5 times a day Enlightenment 

here and now

I am not stating that the differences within JudChristlam are not important.  They are very important and I think have been responsible for more human suffering than any other factor in recorded history.  Because to one degree or another,  most members of faiths that have sprung forth from Abraham are indoctrinated from birth to believe: that there is one God; That men are modeled in the image of  that God; that all of existence is a struggle between good and evil — both clearly defined; that the sect that a person happens to be born in is the chosen group — the group whose interpretation of God’s word is the one correct interpretation, and that all other interpretations (and interpreters) are somehow connected to the forces of evil.  One might argue:

“But a majority of Christians, Muslims and Jews are not radical religionists and do not have these black and white views”.

My response would probably be:

“Yes, but the minority who have been successfully brainwashed to the point that they think any act is justified by their belief system, do have these views and their influence on the world is far greater than their number, as illustrated daily by current events”.

Indoctrination into this type of thinking I feel is the primary source of bigotry, hate and war — from the Crusades and before to the world-situation now.  In our country, influential evangelical Christians, have since the early 70s have exerted increasing influence on our politicians, media and country, with their agenda of making America a one-religion country — meaning of course evangelical Christianity.  And they have been quite successful, as evidenced by their influence in the various elections.  Even though this people are not blowing themselves up yet(some of their members have used bombs at abortion clinics thought) I find their actions to be the logical, moral and ethical equivalent to the radical sects of Islam that have committed acts of terrorism around the world in the name of the same God.  The US is not the only place in the world that fundimentalists,  have been increasing their numbers.  Fundamentalism appears to be advancing steadily in virtually every corner of the world. Sections of Latin America have been radically transformed by the growth of Protestant groups in recent decades. South Korea and Taiwan have become centers of neotraditionalist Confucianism. Expanding rapidly in Japan are the so-called new religions, several of which are essentially Buddhist counterparts to Protestant fundamentalism. And the spread of fundamentalism throughout the Islamic world is well known.

It is time now to briefly discuss the title of this essay “The God of Abraham Versus Spirituality”.  The term spirituality is of course interpreted depending on ones orientation.  For me it defies any definition beyond awareness of the sense of connectedness and respect for all things.  I don’t think spirituality is something one can achieve through indoctrination.  It won’t come from following some dogma — being led as a sheep, but by choosing to be spiritual — to feel connected an show respect for all things, with ones own free will.    I will even go as far as to say that the level of ones spirituality has a negative relationship with the level of ones indoctrination — the more one rejects his or her indoctrination, the more spiritual he or she becomes.  I believe that for the human race to become spiritual, the God of Abraham would have to take his place with the dinosaurs.   I am not however optimistic about this happening.  It is more likely that due to the effective brain-washing and religious abuse of children all over the world, the cycle that has been in motion for thirty-five hundred years, will continue until after our relatively brief stay, the human race joins the dinosaurs in their oblivion.

Chart on religious ratios:

One out of every 2.5 Humans is Christian with a total number of: 2,100,000,000 in the world
One out of every 3.9 Humans is Muslim with a total number of: 1,300,000,000 in the world
One out of every 5.7 Humans is Secular/Non-religious with a total number of: 1,100,000,000 in the world
One out of every 6.9 Humans is Hindu with a total number of: 900,000,000 in the world
One out of every 16.6 Humans is a Buddhist with a total number of: 376,000,000 in the world
One out of every 20.9 Humans is Primal-indigenous with a total number of: 300,000,000 in the world
One out of every 62 Humans is African Traditional with a total number of: 100,000,000 in the world
One out of every 272 Humans is a Sik with a total number of: 23,000,000 in the world
One out of every 330 Humans is Juche: with a total number of: 19,000,000 in the world
One out of every 418 Humans follows Spiritism with a total number of: 15,000,000 in the world
One out of every 448 Humans ia Jewish with a total number of: 14,000,000 in the world
One out of every 896 Humans follows Baha’I with a total number of: 7,000,000 in the world
One out of every 1493 Humans follows Jainism with a total number of: 4,200,000 in the world
One out of every 1568 Humans follows Shinto with a total number of: 4,000,000 in the world
One out of every 1,568 Humans follows Cao Dai with a total number of: 4,000,000 in the world
One out of every 2,412 Humans follows Zoroastrianism with a total number of: 2,600,000 in the world
One out of every 3,236 Humans follows T\enrikyo with a total number of: 2,000,000 in the world
One out of every 6,273 Humans is a neo-pagen with a total number of: 1,000,000 in the world
One out of every 7,842 Humans is Unitarian-Universlaim with a total number of: 800,000 in the world
One out of every 10,456 Humans is Rastafarian with a total number of: 600,000 in the world
One out of every 12,547 Humans is a Scientologist with a total number of: 500,000 in the world
And one out of every 1.8 Humans is JudChristLamish with a total number of: 3,414,000,000 in the world

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    • worldtake says:

      I read the whole rambling thing and of course am not at all convinced by your god arguments. The idea that the old testament is any less violent than the new is amusing to me. It is as amusing as the idea that Islam is more likely to produce terrorists than any other branch of judchristlam. How ’bout David Koresh, Timothy McVeigh or the KKK? The cause of the violence is not the particular sect of judchristlam, but the nature of the god of Abraham. Violent acts amongst humans is inherent in the nature of anyone who follows that god’s absolute rules absolutely. The fact that god is supposed to be omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, always was and always will be, is a formula for creating bigots and ultimately terrorists. It really depends on how effective the indoctrination an individual receives, coupled with that individual’s ability to either resist indoctrination or be indoctrinated that determines the limit to which that individual will do crazy things to support her or his faith. And I don’t approve of your comment either, but I won’t suppress it.

      • Alex Green says:

        You’ve just misunderstood God that’s all.
        I don’t recognise the god you talk about, I don’t think that god exists!

      • worldtake says:

        Didn’t really want to subscribe to that blog, so will respond here. 5. God neither violent or non-violent, because he/she/it is an invention of humans and religious study by the faithful is an oxymoron — When one believes, she or he does not seek answers, only affirmation of what they already believe. In order to actually study a subject, one must not already know the answers in advance. Ross

  1. Well said, Ross… while I would agree with most of what you’ve said, I’d have to add a few comments: the “God” of ALL religions is simply an invention of a fear-based human brain. ALL attributes of this “God” are projected from a need to find some kind of “safety” in a world of chaos and uncertainty. Basically, it is a “man made God”, created in man’s own image and assigned super-human qualities and abilities. And, of course, “HE” lives in “heaven” and watches (and judges) everything you do and decides, in the end, if you’ve been “naughty or nice”, and assigns all kinds of “trials and tribulations” to each person to measure your “fear and adoration”… Give me a fucken break!! Anyone with half a brain could easily see through this flimsy charade, IF they were to question it. So, why do so many people (as your numbers, above, reflect) still cling to this “story”? Why, in fact, is the “fundamentalist movement” gaining so much momentum, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that these “religious ideals”are such a farce?

    Well, the answer to that is simple yet many-faceted. I think adversity causes polarization. As the world becomes more and more unsafe and unpredictable, and fear becomes generally more prevalent, there is a strong tendency to search for (and cling to) anything that offers even a smidgen of relief. This fear also causes tunnel-vision and a restriction on open-mindedness, a sort of panic-driven grab-for-anything-that-floats mentality. Instead of looking within, to the true source of peace and fulfillment, the masses are swarming to their religious life rafts for “salvation”.

    While there are those who are turning to “spirituality” (internal guidance) for the “answer”, the majority seem to be content with following the status quo, even though it has never really worked. And, as you say, I don’t see this changing much in the near future. What will be the ultimate result? I’m afraid that this could mark the beginning of the end of the “human experiment”. But, I don’t care, since I KNOW I’m going to heaven!! LMFAO!!!!

  2. worldtake says:

    The problem is that people who believe that stuff don’t have “half a brain” they are not using their brains at all.

  3. worldtake says:

    We have gone round and round about that and I agree that the “mind” as you call it may not be 100% in the brain — we know there is muscle memory, etc — but with the growing evidence of specific parts of the brain that can be clearly shown to control specific areas of intelligence and body function — when those areas are damaged the results are highly predictable — it is clear that most of the mind is housed in the brain.

  4. anonnickus says:

    I wouldn’t dare consider leaving an actual reply to this one. A good read though.

  5. […] The God of Abraham VS Spirituality […]

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