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Posted: January 30, 2011 in ALL POSTS, Misc. World Blogs
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. . . was from anything I have read about him in the bible or have heard about him from any other source, Not a bigot,  racial, religious or any other kind.    So, I find it hard to understand that a bulk of his followers in the world don’t seem to be able to live by the example set by this truly remarkable being.

I‘d also like to mention that nothing written about him indicates that he was a barbarian either.  If you agree that he was not, then how do you explain that from shortly after his crucifixion to this day,  a large proportion of his followers have acted in a most barbaric manner.   A few examples of mass mayhem wreaked by the followers of Christ would include: The Crusades — to drive the infidels from the “Holy land” (both theirs and ours) while raping, pillaging and gutting the populace; the Spanish conquistadors, who were guilty of causing millions of deaths,  along with causing entire cultures being wiped out leaving no trace that they ever existed; English colonization and subsequent looting of the non-Anglo world; Our  sanctioned by the government attempts at genocide of the Native Americans — all of these barbaric ventures and a good many more  in the name of Jesus Christ The Prince of Peace — purveyor of the golden rule.
  1. Jolly says:

    Howdy, saw your blog posting over at westerntradition and saw this post, thought I’d comment. I have been a christian since i was old enough to make the choice, and I couldn’t agree more fully with your post.

    I do not condone (though I may have in my younger, less reasonable years) any initiatory acts of violence against any people, and while I can and do apologize for the aggression my brother’s and sister’s in Christ have shown, it doesn’t really help those that are the recipients of our hate.

  2. […] reasons why belief in this god,  contradicts its adherents claim to spirituality.   “Jesus“, is another of my polemics against bigotry.  In “The Age of Stupid“, I mourn […]

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