I was spurred to write this blog, when I read one about the internet making kids dumb at the WordPress site The Western Tradition entitled This just in: Internet Makes Kids Dumb. 

TV paved the road to stupidity in modern society by training kids to not have an attention span longer that the short segments of fluff between commercials. This progressed to the point that by the time the internet came along the collective attention spans of our children reduced to a maximum of about three minutes. Now with the advent of texterbation and social nitwitting, that attention span is reduced to 140 characters and the answer to any question (right or wrong) a mouse-click away.
Unless we start focusing on exercising the gray cells more effectively, We are headed for a true idiocrocy, and it won’t be in some distant future as in that movie. In fact, I think it is here now.

  1. I would give a reply, but I already forgot what you said!! LOL

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