My take on Egypt

Posted: February 10, 2011 in ALL POSTS, News Rants
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I have been following with interest events in Egypt and was listening today as Mubarak gave his rambling  speech saying that he would not be stepping down.   I am not sure what Mubarak was thinking — perhaps he thought his condescending speech was going to placate the crowd.  It didn’t.   I heardpredictions from one commentator that as many as ten million Egyptians will be on the street tomorrow all over the country to protest.   Will Mubarak then step down or will order the military to slaughter the protesters?  And if he does order this violence, will the military comply.  Those are interesting questions about this subject, but not the most interesting to me.   My questions are: What really caused this situation? 

Many have stated that these protests were spurred by the desire of the populace to live in a democracy.  If this were true, why did Mubarak maintain his absolute dictatorship for forty years with very little protest?  As in most unrest in the world, economic factors appear to have played a major role in causing the current unrest in Egypt.   Those that spearheaded the protests  are young highly educated professionals, who have zero job prospects in Egypt.   Before the world-wide economic melt-down,  although there was still little work in Egypt,  people in this demographic found good paying jobs in other places in the world, like the US and Sandia Arabia.   Not only did they improve their own standards of living, they sent large quantities of money back to their families in Egypt, thus boosting the general economy there.

So, do I think other dictators fall?  Maybe, but it won’t happen in any country that is economically stable, those with have lots of oil as examples,  probably won’t be losing their despots soon.

  1. worldtake says:

    An added note:
    I Googled Mubarak and found a great essay about him and Egypt entitled: Mubarak’s Last Breath by Adam Shatz. The essay paints a very clear as well as very grim picture of the Egypt that Mubarak has created.

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