In my blog The God of Abraham VS Spirituality I discussed why I feel that belief in this god takes one away from spirituality and infusion of bigotry caused by this belief is the topic of this blog .  In this one I will discuss why I think that bigotry goes hand in hand with belief in Yaweh, Jehovah, Allah or any of the multitude of names assigned to this deity. 

This group,  including  Judaism, Christianity and Islam  comprises well over 90% of the faithful in the world.  Each child  indoctrinated into this faith is taught as if it is absolute fact that:

  1. There is only one God and the group they are associated with is the chosen group of that entity.
  2. All that do not follow the dogma being drilled into a given child’s head, are inferior and will at worst, burn in hell for eternity, but at the very least, are somehow less human than members of his or her group.

I am aware that most people have functioning critical minds and as they grow and observe the world they realize from observation the folly of such a black and white view of the universe and gradually — consciously or unconsciously — adjust their spiritual view away from the impossible viewpoint that everyone not associated with their particular group is evil.  However, those who were indoctrinated to the point that they continue throughout their lives to adhere to a literal interpretation of their faith, are the ones responsible for the religiously associated mayhem, disruption and death for the past 3,000 years.

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