National Bake Sale

Posted: March 3, 2011 in ALL POSTS, Humor, Misc. World Blogs
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Because apparently many Americans want to have a country, but don’t want to pay for it, we have accumulated the tremendousness debt we are now saddled with.  I consider this attitude to be unpatriotic.  All of the neocon republicans and libertarians in tea party clothing who are screaming for no more taxes or even less taxes are really in my opinion just a bunch of anarchists in and no patriots.  How dare they expect to live in the greatest country the world has ever known and not have to pay their way?
So, since the wealthiest of us and their minions, will not pony up, I think I might have a way to pry some money out of them.  How about a giant series of National Bake Sales.   To be held in every church, synagogue, mosque, school, government agency, mall, beach and any other conceivable public or private location, with the proceeds all going toward paying off the national debt.  These proceeds, unlike taxes, would be given to the government with the stipulation that they would go directly to paying the debt only.
You might ask, but how much money could come in from that?  The Hartford Institute estimates there are roughly 335,000 religious congregations in the United States.  Lets say that each of these had a sale — of course from ingredients  donated by the wonderfully charitable parishioners and each of these congregations  and lets say they each took in $2000.00 (I don’t think thats a stretch – I have seen parishioners eat).  This influx of cash would cause our debt to go down by $670,000,000(six hundred and seventy million).    So, since our debt now is at roughly 14,000,000,000,000 (fourteen trillion), we can then subtract our contribution and find out that the debt is now cut way down to the tiny sum of roughly thirteen trillion.  Oh well, so much for the bake sale idea.
I have another idea.  Why don’t those of us who are enjoying a tremendous standard of living regardless of the bluster,  stop whining about paying taxes especially when to those at the very top,  rather than suffering from the recession,  made record profits by getting away with squeezing every ounce of blood and sweat from the remaining work force.  Myself with my meager income? If I have to pay a little more in Taxes so be it.  I’m a patriot.  I love my country.  I’d like to see it survive.  We can do it, if we all chip in.
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