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Posted: March 9, 2011 in ALL POSTS, Misc. World Blogs
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T he continued and increasing  outrageous statements made by social conservatives, reveal their viewpoint to be the moral equivalent of that of radical Islam.  The majority of this group,  including their most powerful and wealthy members, are evangelical Christians, whose total number in the U.S. was as of 2008 according to 2,154,000.   The total estimated number of Christians in this country at that time was roughly 159, 000,000 — meaning that in 2008 Evangelicals comprised a whopping 1.35% of American Christians in numbers, but both then and today they yield a majority of power as evidenced by their influence on the high-jacking of  the entire political landscape.

I f these people had their way, their particular version of Christianity would be the state religion of our country and they would I am sure be quite comfortable with a Christian version of Shari law.

T hese are people who claim it is the literal truth that:

  • The world is about 5,000 years old
  • The human race sprang from one individual and his rib*
  • The dinosaurs frolicked in the Garden of Eden, and played nice with all the other creatures there.
  • The world and everything else, was created in seven days by God and it has not changed at all.
  • They (the charismatic evangelicals) will at some moment of God’s chosing, be swept up to heaven — clothes and all —  to play shuffleboard with G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Jerry Falwell for eternity, while everyone else will burn in hell for eternity(that would actually be my version of hell).
I have my serious doubts that the most powerful of this group — those that are at the top of this evil pyramid — believe this garbage.  It does work well to control their minions who obviously do not have functioning critical minds though.

* The nonsense of the rib aside, in order for Adam and Eve to have been the sole producers of the human race, then the human race would need to have been brought forth by incest.   The bible speaks of “Cains Wife” many times, but doesn’t bother to mention her name or that she had to be either Eve herself, or one of Cain’s sisters.


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