I’m tired of the bleeping censorship

Posted: April 23, 2011 in ALL POSTS, Misc. World Blogs
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That’s right. I grow daily weary of the censorship minded purveyors of the social disease of puritanism who insist on attempting to purge us of any bad words by bleeping them out of various forms of communication.
I have no problem with these bleeping idiots not using any of these words or using euphemisms, such as “H-E double hocky-sticks”, “the little girls room” and other such moronic nonsense, but they should keep it to themselves and not expect people with actual functioning critical minds to follow suit.
I maintain that the practice of bleeping so-called offensive language out, accomplishes nothing.  To illustrate this, consider the following redacted statement:

Those Bleeping pigs aren’t worth bleep.

Ok, now be honest. What words did your mind supply to fill in those bleeps?

Here is the statement as I intended it:
Those stinking pigs aren’t worth anything.

If only the Mayflower had sunk, maybe we wouldn’t have to deal with the moronic fallout of puritanism.

I am not advocating for the use of expletives in communication, in fact I think they do not add, but only detract from it.  However,  since anyone above the age of ten knows all of these words, when such words are bleeped out, the mind is going to supply them (or worse)  anyway.

Do the censors reason that somehow thinking these words is better than saying them?  That somehow having them said out loud is somehow more evil than thinking them?  This is at best magical thinking and the worst clearly just plain stupid.

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