Good People

Posted: November 23, 2011 in ALL POSTS, Misc. World Blogs
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What are some characteristics of and what exactly does it take to be a good person?  My view of a hypothetical good person would be that she or he would be courteous – not to satisfy a rule, but out of a genuine desire to show respect for others.  She would, as much as is humanly possible, make decisions based on conscience not for personal gain.  What makes this person good? Was she born this way?  I propose that he was not.

Being a good person is really not what anyone is, but rather what one may become.  Nobody starts out as a good person.  This is physically impossible.  Human beings, even the most precocious of us, do not show signs of a developed conscience usually until late adolescence – and conscience is what makes good people good.  It is not that all young humans are bad people; it is just that the frontal lobes of the brain do not fully develop until mid to late adolescence and it is known that this portion of the brain is the seat of conscience.   Because this is true, no one will have a well-developed conscience until approaching or having arrived at adulthood.  Many children and adolescents may exhibit behaviors that make them appear to act with conscience, but “good” children are not making these choices altruistically but for personal gain, to “fit in” or for the basic human need for approval and order.

Most people develop a degree of conscience, but many develop little or none.  Even though members of this group constitute only a small percentage of society, their effect on it is devastating.   The conscience challenged of lower intelligence fill our prisons while those of higher find their way to positions of power in both government and the corporate world.

  1. not bad for a guy born with no frontal lobes… LOL

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