I would firstly like to state that I am no commie.  I am am not opposed to free enterprise, but I think it should have its limitations.  When it comes to cars, electronic devices, real estate and such, free enterprise works for me.  I am often annoyed by our consumerist culture, but it still works for me.
However, when it comes to the basic human needs of health, food and shelter for survival, I strongly believe that it is impossible for free enterprise to offer adequate service.   With heath as one example, an agency that is an arm of free enterprise will consider the health of its investors dividends before they consider the the health of their consumers — if they consider the latter group at all.

For that reason, I will declare myself the Anti-Ron Paul.  I firstly think that all of the drug AND health insurance companies should be either nationalized or turned into not-for-profits.  And please don’t give me the line that the government couldn’t do as good of a job as sociopathic entities such as Pfizer.   Most of the amazing technology that allows us to do the right-out-of-science-fiction things we can do today — including being able to write this blog — came from research and development performed by our government.  The propaganda spread by the right  over the last fifty years– you know those guys that have all the money — insiting that only corporations have the wherewithal to get results, has shown itself to be propaganda as evidenced by the disaster we call our health care system today.   A system totally dominated — since Nixon — by the two-headed dragon of the insurance companies and the drug companies.

While these sociopathic entities reap astronomical profits which are growing every year, by charging outrages prices for medicines that cost them next to nothing to make, they have the nerve to stop making adequate amounts of vital medicine.    And they continue to do this why?  Profit.

What about food and shelter?  I firmly believe that every person, regardless of circumstance should have available to them, food to eat and a place to sleep that shelters them from the elements.   We are headed for a time when more and more people will not be able to provide these things for themselves, along with their health needs.  Why do I predict an large increase of the poor, homeless and hungry?  The ever onward march of technology is the answer.  With each advance in robotic manufacturing, corporations find new ways to lay off more people because fewer can now produce the same results.   I’ve heard the argument that the new technologies with themselves create new jobs, but I do not buy that.  The logical conclusion is that eventually, everything will be done by machine and nobody will have to do any work.   We can all then sit back with folded hands and wait for the government to issue us our Soilent Green.

But seriously, I see an alternative to both government and free enterprise and that is the Not-for-profit agencies.  I have personally worked for two such institutions — Child Incorporated in Austin, TX and currently AURORA of CNY in Syracuse, NY.   In both cases, the service to the consumers is, was and will continue to be the goal, not the financial heath of investors.   I know that at least on some level, not for profit agencies perform tasks payed for by government, but it has been my observation that the government gets the biggest bang for its buck with us.   We hear those on the right complaining about how much money the government is spending on heath care, but that money is not going to ensure any health, except the financial health of the investors, who by the way already enjoy great health and for that matter health care.

  1. Sound reasoning… however, it’ll never happen. As long as our government is a lap-dog of the corporations, there will be no legislation passed that would benefit the general public. Considering the ignorance and complacency of the voting public, who MIGHT possibly be the instrument of the changes we need, I think we are all doomed. Find a nice, comfortable place to sit and watch the end of the world, at least the one we all knew. See you on the other side… LOL

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