. . . racist.   Let me explain my point of view on this subject.

For at least the past one hundred years it has been known by those who bothered to use their brains as opposed to their indoctrinated prejudice to examine the subject, that there are no races of humans beyond the basic human race – all living humans belong to the same hominid subspecies, Homo sapiens sapiens.  For example, not only is there no white (Caucasoid), or black (Negroid) races, there are not even such pure people on this planet.   Take a sample picture of the whitest skinned Albino who ever lived and lay that picture on a pure white surface and you will see it is far from white and conversely a picture of darkest skinned person ever recorded and compare that to pure black and see that they are quite discernibly different .

Created in the nineteenth century by off-white people, the concept of race was an attempt to define people by superficial characteristics, with the sole purpose of showing how these off-white people were superior to all of those with darker coloring.  Superficial characteristics, such as skin color, hair type and color, facial features, clearly do not define us as humans.  These are simply superficial characteristics that have evolved over the roughly one hundred thousand years that homo saps have been roaming the earth.  This ethnic evolution process should not however be confused with natural selection, because it is far from that — this process took thousands as opposed to many millions required by natural selection to produce homo sap.  It is now believed by those that actually study these things, that the causes of these ethnic differences between various groups was caused by two factors:

  1. Positive assortative Mating — the phenomenon where a sexually reproducing organism chooses to mate with individuals that are similar(positive assortative mating) or dissimilar (negative assortative mating or disassortative mating).  In other words, people — and life in general for that matter — pick mates that look like them and reject potential mates that don’t look like them.  For example, any Canine — Wolves, Foxes, Coyotes, or any species of dog can produce offspring if they mate, but in general, Foxes choose Foxes and Wolves choose Wolves.
  2. Environment — The types of food available to a given group and the climate that they must endure can effect which individuals survive in that group, for example those who evolve in a hot sun-filled environment, such as central Africa, stand a better chance of surviving due to larger amounts of Melanin (pigment) that helps protect from the Sun.

So come on folks.  Lets stop using that stupid word.  Still, there has to be some way to talk about bigoted people, so I  will coin the word  Ethnicists, to refer to them.  It is more accurate word, but it does not change the fact that it is at its core wrong —  groups of people cannot be correctly defined by superficial characteristics.   This has actually been proven again and again through countless studies that have shown that:

When comparing any two statistically significant(large enough) groups, the differences that exist within either group, far outweigh any differences that can be identified between the two groups — if any can be identified at all.  In other words and statistically significant group will have every type of human in it — Fat, thin, introverted, extroverted, short, tall, killers & saints — all in roughly the same proportion in either group.

So, since just using the word lends credence to the idea that races of human beings actually exist — again, they do not —  can’t we all just stop this raci… er ethnisist – crap.

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