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noun Informal .

an insignificant, silly, or bothersome person: Pay no attention to that obnoxious little twit!
1920 – 25;  perhaps orig. noun derivative of twit ,  i.e., “one whotwits others,” but altered in sense by association with
 expressive words with tw-  ( twaddletwattwerp,  etc.) and by rhyme withnitwit
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noun Informal .

one particularly annoying, destructive, form of mental masturbation perpetrated by twits.
Origin: Evolved from  TV
The other day I was driving my car on the job in a nearby town and was stopped at a street light on a cross street that runs through the main arterial highway in that town.   As I sat waiting for the light watching the cars whizzing by at the speed limit of 55 — with many of them exceeding this — I noticed a young couple walking on the sidewalk approaching this same intersection to cross the arterial from the other side of it.  As they approached the crossing,  I noticed that the girl was holding a hand-held device in front of her, with her thumbs whirring across the device and her head bobbing from side-to side in trans-like manner reminiscent of the self-stimulation “head-bobbing” activities I have observed severely disabled people exhibit at various institutions in which I have worked .  When they reached the intersection, had her partner not grabbed her arm, the girl would have stepped right in front of an oncoming twelve wheeler — and extremely loud twelve wheeler that this walking zombie was totally oblivious of.
When are people going to realize that these things are turning out nations young into moronic, self-involved robots?  Every year our universities and colleges have to lower their academic standard in order for these people, who can no longer form simple sentences, let along paragraphs to even be accepted.
A good friend of mine who is a Professor of English at a major university in Texas told me that it truly does get worse every year.  He tells me of how frustrating it is to grade papers of his students who — many who came to him as supposed honors students — provide him with such gems in papers submitted as, “I take it for granite, it is a doggy dog world”.
Starting in the 1950’s, TV began the process of turning our brains into mush, but with the advent of texting, things are getting much worse.  The simple fact is that although the brain is not actually a muscle,  how it becomes stronger — how one becomes more intelligent, is analogous to how a muscle gets stronger. Just like the muscle gets stronger with work, the brain gets smarter with work.  Walking around and typing in such phrases as, “OMG I just farted!”, with not build, but will rot the brain.

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