Another Mystery

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Humor, Weird
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In my blog A Mystery Noise I told of my frustrating experience with a noise I could not identify in my house.  Something similar has happened again.  Two mornings ago after I had finished my shower in the morning, I detected the sound of water running through the pipes of my house, but I knew that all water was turned off.  I then checked all faucets in the house, including the outside faucet and there was no water anywhere.  But, wherever I went in my house I could clearly hear the running water and I could hear it the strongest down in my basement.  Yesterday I called a handy-man I know, who agreed to come over last night to try to figure out my problem.  At first he could not figure out until I told him that there is a pipe coming out of my garage floor that used to have a faucet on it, but that I had never used.  At some point I had noticed that tiny amounts of hot water was leaking out of it, but it was so little I just ignored it.

As soon as I told Dave (the handy-man) this he quickly realized what was going on and found the pipe going through the wall of my basement, which he explained was the pipe leading to my garage underground.  This pipe was probably put in about fifty years ago and is galvanized pipe, so had probably pretty much disintegrated, so water running into that pipe from my basement was apparently providing possibly generations of woodchucks with their own hot-tubs below my lawn.  I had turned the valve off to this pipe many years ago and since not more than a few occasional drops were coming out at the other end in my garage, I figured the valve must be doing its job.  It was not.

  1. what probably happened is that the pipe was not buried deep enough (it would have to be at least 3 feet deep to get below the frost line) and it froze and burst and started running when it thawed a little… or, it just may have rotted out… but, dude, how could you not figure that out.LMFAO… and wait til you get the water bill!!!

    • worldtake says:

      Actually it was three feet below — the pipe goes through the wall in my basement just at 3 feet. I think it just rotted out after about fifty years. Galvanized pipe will do that. Whatever happened I bet there are some pissed off rodents who lost their little hot tubs.

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