I am against the death penalty — do not think it is justified ever.  I just wanted to make my stand on the death penalty clear to the reader before I continue.

I googled “Crimes punishable by death” and found the Death Penalty Information Center  and their claim is that: “The death penalty in the United States is used almost exclusively for the crime of murder.”   They go on to say that in some states the death penalty is in the statutes to include those who commit rape against children.

While I am appalled by even the idea of such people and the depraved acts they commit — People who would without any twinge of conscience rob others of their most precious possessions — their lives and their futures  and  while I think when these “people” when convicted of such acts, should never see the light of freedom again I still am against the death penalty.

Officially killing people as a punishment for killing people is just plain illogical.  Doing such is the equivalent of having an orgy to promote virginity or a war to promote peace.

That being said however, the death penalty still exists and people continue to be executed. Since this barbaric procedure continues, then perhaps some of those who have traditionally been immune to this consequence should be included.

Why is some dirt-bag who plans and executes a burglary of a liquor store and brutally murders the owner any worse than (or as bad as in my opinion) the CEO of a major corporation or a bank who knowingly makes decisions that ruin the lives of not one man and his family, but of millions of hard-working people and who negatively impacts — well – the whole world?  How many people lost their entire fortunes so these sociopaths could turn a quick profit?  How many people died, either by suicide or by stress related disease as a result of their greed?  I do not know those figures, but I do know how many of the CEO vermin got a lethal injection.  That would be zero.  And in addition to not being executed or almost all cases, not even serving  time.  To add to that insult, these “people” received obscenely large bonuses as a result of the profits made by them from their activity that brought the world’s finances through the dire straits that it now navigates.   Again, I do not believe anyone should get the death penalty, but if anybody does, the above mentioned corporate scumbags should be first in line.


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