Dear Mr. President

Posted: September 2, 2013 in ALL POSTS, Misc. World Blogs
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Mr. President,

I do not in any way envy the position you are in as regards Syria.  As much as I hate the idea of actually agreeing with something said by Congressman Paul — trust me, this would be the only thing — I think that what we should do as regards Syria along with all the conflicts in the middle east  is nothing.  The situation in that whole region sprung forth as a result of seeds planted in colonial times.   The various extremist groups that abound gained their first real power when they rushed in to fill the vacuum created by the collapse of colonialism.  But each of these extremist groups filled a different area of that vacuum   Since that collapse, repeated attempts by the US and it allies to ameliorate the situation have been made, but history is quite clear that not only have these attempts failed, they almost always have made things worse.

The culture of these extremist groups is steeped in the “Blood Feud” which originated in Bedouin desert tribes.   To a member of one of these groups this means: If I perceive that you have done wrong to any member of my group, it is my right and obligation to retaliate and sacrifice my life if need be doing so.  The fact that people blow themselves up constantly in support of this crazy doctrine, is a clear indication of its power.  Whenever we or one of our allies supports one group over another in any way — for example the Sunni rebel group the Saudi’s would have us support — attacks against us and our allies is immediately  ramped up by al qaeda .  If giving even financial aid to one side over the other exacerbates the problem, then what can we do?  We can let them work out their secular differences among themselves.  If they want to be theocratic societies that is their business, let them.  If they are not interested in western culture and morals, we should respect that and not attempt to flood them with it.   If on the other hand, Egypt, Syria, Iran, etc want a Democratic society they will have to make that happen themselves like we did.   I think it has been proven without a doubt that this change cannot be orchestrated from the outside.  It must come from within.   Maybe in another hundred years, the Sunnis and the Shiites will be able to coexist in the way that our Catholics and Protestants do today — plenty of disagreement, with only rare occurrences of mayhem.


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