A Too-Close Encounter of an Unusual Kind

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Misc. World Blogs, Weird
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My Rosacea started acting up, so I decided it was time to visit the Dermatologist as the last time I was treated for the condition, the ministrations provided kept it at bay until just the past few weeks.  So, I made an appointment and arriving on time for it — fortified for the probable long wait by my Kindle.  I became deeply engrossed in the new Stephen King novel, Dr. Sleep until about forty minutes into the forty-five minute wait.  What roused me from this page turner was a sudden tiny sting in the left side of my neck right where it meets the shoulder-line.  Feeling it with my fingers, I detected a tiny bump, but it no longer stung or itched, so I went back to the Kindle until I was called five minutes later.

After the Dr. finished her examination, prescribed medication and detailed treatment, I asked to take a look at that bump on my neck.  She was quite shocked as was I, to find a newly embedded Deer Tick there.  By using a tool that is basically a metal tube with edge of one end razor sharpened, she proceeded to remove a cylindrical  chunk of me with the head of the tick embedded in it and its little back legs waving above.  You will have to rely on whatever mental picture that provides as unfortunately I did not bring my camera.  She then stitched the hole in my neck up and provided me with a prescription for antibiotic.  She told me I could make an appointment with my family care provider for two weeks in the future to get tested for Lyme Disease and to get the stitches out.

My theory on these strange events is that some person visiting the dermatologist before me — Getting treated for a tick bite maybe? — left that bugger in the chair where it hitched a ride on me and creeped its way up to my neck as I sat there motionless waiting for it to sink its vampire fangs into me.

But that is not the whole story.   Over the past few weeks I have been fighting a cold and I thought I had almost beaten it, but a few days before my dermatologist appointment my cold appeared to have moved into my chest and I was experiencing extreme congestion and although I was not running a fever, I was not feeling very well.   Then on the same day of the dermatologist / tick experience, but later in the afternoon, I was — with the van from work — delivering a couch of mine that I had donated to one of my clients.  While tilting the thing on its end in an attempt to wrestle it through his apartment door, I struck the third rib from the bottom on my lefts side on the leg of the couch – painfully.  After the initial pain subsided, I noticed that it was pretty sore at the site and that it hurt a little in that area when I breathed.  For the next two days I trudged on, doing mountains of work and feeling continually worse until finally when I left my office at six P.M. on Friday, I went directly to my health clinic (armed of course again with my Kindle) to await being seen.

Two hours later when I was finally called in, I was X-rayed and the found no break, plus there was no sign of Pneumonia, but the doctor said it appeared that I do have a lung infection.  When I related the “tick experience” to her, besides finding it amusing, she informed me that there was almost no chance I could be infected with Lyme Disease from that bite.  She happened to be somewhat of an expert on the subject, having treated she said “hundreds of cases” when she worked in Rochester during an outbreak of the disease.  She said it takes the tick being in your body for twenty-four hours before an infection can be transmitted from the tick to the host.

But the thing that ties this whole mess together is that the doctor told me she would have prescribed the exact same antibiotic prescribed by the dermatologist — Doxycycline —  which I had been taking for the past two days to treat my lung infection.  Thanks to that treatment is now cleared up.

  1. wow, that would really bug me, too, but, luckily, you caught it in the “tick” of time… LOL

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