Letter to thinking America

Posted: January 24, 2017 in Misc. World Blogs
Dear thinking America,

I personally have never set up a Twitter account and I have been increasingly glad I did not.  I have however not been able to avoid reading various offerings on this platform quoted in actual news articles since its inception.  I do agree that some of the offerings have been amusing, but most of them range from vacuous to shallow and from bad to downright horrendous.  Before our duly elected president started serially blasting tweets at us,  I did not feel that people blathering out whatever nonsense popped into their heads at a given moment and spewing it on all of us while annoying, was not all that harmful. That was before President Trump − both throughout his campaign and even after being elected − used this “social” media platform as his major  contact with the America and the world beyond.

This letter is not to President Trump or his supporters, but to the hundred million or so thinking Americans who opposed  him in every way they could with thousands of well-reasoned letters as well as editorials along with comments to those editorials and OP-eds.  Even with all this comment being supported by demonstrations practically everywhere in our country and around the world, none of these offerings had, as evidenced by the results, any effect on stopping or even slowing him down.

Like “The Blob” in the horror film by that name from the 1950’s, candidate Trump and now President Trump rolls and continues to roll over any criticism aimed at him, absorbing it with no apparent negative effect.  On the contrary, each attack on him just clearly makes him stronger.

Here is how you thinking Americans can help.

  1. Every last one of you immediately cancel your twitter account.  Trust me, there is nothing social about that media.  Then when he tweets, President Trump will either be talking to himself or those who elected him.
  2. Do not in any way  publicly criticize  President Trump.  No letters, no tweets, no face book entries, no OP-ed articles, no comments to those articles and most of all get off the street with your protests, this clearly only gives him ammunition to further curtail our freedoms — just hold all of that in until . . .
  3. The impeachment process begins and then pile all that pent-up vitriol on him until he is totally buried in it – hopefully in some correctional institution.





PS: I was serious about the “correctional institution” comment.  If one commits felony fraud (in most states any offense involving more than $500 is a felony and less than that a misdemeanor) one should have to pay the full price for doing so − not just in money.  Just because candidate Trump paid the $50.000.000 fine for the civil suit and along with that paid back ALL the money he defrauded from those who signed up for Trump University, it does not negate the fact that he clearly did commit felony fraud.  If for example I should rob a liquor store at gunpoint — also clearly a felony — and after that had an attack of conscience and returned the money, there is no chance that I would suddenly be off the hook.  He committed felony fraud and should be held responsible to the full extent of the law.

  1. did you just get your account working again? this is the first post I’ve seen in awhile…. good luck with the Trump!!

  2. worldtake says:

    PS As regards the impeachment of “it”, I do not understand why that did not happen on his first day in office. Would felony fraud not be an impeachable offense? I looked this up and most states consider that a crime that exceeds the amount of $500 is a Felony and amounts below that are a misdemeanor. Would the millions that trump received as regards to trump university not make that crime a felony? Why is not in the big house opposed to the white house? He claims he did not commit a crime, but he paid $50,000,000 in civil suits and also paid each person he defrauded back all her or his money. So, this guy is innocent according to him, but this guy who rarely lets any of his money slip through his fingers forks out all of that and is still innocent?

    OK, suppose someone slipped me a drug that disables the part of the brain where the conscience sits (the frontal lobes — which I am sure are totally missing from trumps brain) and persuaded me to go and rob a bank, which I might do as at that moment as I would have no conscience to stop me from doing so. Anyway in this hypothetical situation, I do rob the bank, but right after robbery, the drug wears off, my conscience returns and I decide to go back to the bank and give every penny of the money back. What are the chances the officials at the bank along with law enforcement would just say: “Thanks, you can go now?” NO, I would be spending a minimum of 10 years in the slammer.

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