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Letter to thinking America

Posted: January 24, 2017 in Misc. World Blogs
Dear thinking America,

I personally have never set up a Twitter account and I have been increasingly glad I did not.  I have however not been able to avoid reading various offerings on this platform quoted in actual news articles since its inception.  I do agree that some of the offerings have been amusing, but most of them range from vacuous to shallow and from bad to downright horrendous.  Before our duly elected president started serially blasting tweets at us,  I did not feel that people blathering out whatever nonsense popped into their heads at a given moment and spewing it on all of us while annoying, was not all that harmful. That was before President Trump − both throughout his campaign and even after being elected − used this “social” media platform as his major  contact with the America and the world beyond.

This letter is not to President Trump or his supporters, but to the hundred million or so thinking Americans who opposed  him in every way they could with thousands of well-reasoned letters as well as editorials along with comments to those editorials and OP-eds.  Even with all this comment being supported by demonstrations practically everywhere in our country and around the world, none of these offerings had, as evidenced by the results, any effect on stopping or even slowing him down.

Like “The Blob” in the horror film by that name from the 1950’s, candidate Trump and now President Trump rolls and continues to roll over any criticism aimed at him, absorbing it with no apparent negative effect.  On the contrary, each attack on him just clearly makes him stronger.

Here is how you thinking Americans can help.

  1. Every last one of you immediately cancel your twitter account.  Trust me, there is nothing social about that media.  Then when he tweets, President Trump will either be talking to himself or those who elected him.
  2. Do not in any way  publicly criticize  President Trump.  No letters, no tweets, no face book entries, no OP-ed articles, no comments to those articles and most of all get off the street with your protests, this clearly only gives him ammunition to further curtail our freedoms — just hold all of that in until . . .
  3. The impeachment process begins and then pile all that pent-up vitriol on him until he is totally buried in it – hopefully in some correctional institution.





PS: I was serious about the “correctional institution” comment.  If one commits felony fraud (in most states any offense involving more than $500 is a felony and less than that a misdemeanor) one should have to pay the full price for doing so − not just in money.  Just because candidate Trump paid the $50.000.000 fine for the civil suit and along with that paid back ALL the money he defrauded from those who signed up for Trump University, it does not negate the fact that he clearly did commit felony fraud.  If for example I should rob a liquor store at gunpoint — also clearly a felony — and after that had an attack of conscience and returned the money, there is no chance that I would suddenly be off the hook.  He committed felony fraud and should be held responsible to the full extent of the law.


My Rosacea started acting up, so I decided it was time to visit the Dermatologist as the last time I was treated for the condition, the ministrations provided kept it at bay until just the past few weeks.  So, I made an appointment and arriving on time for it — fortified for the probable long wait by my Kindle.  I became deeply engrossed in the new Stephen King novel, Dr. Sleep until about forty minutes into the forty-five minute wait.  What roused me from this page turner was a sudden tiny sting in the left side of my neck right where it meets the shoulder-line.  Feeling it with my fingers, I detected a tiny bump, but it no longer stung or itched, so I went back to the Kindle until I was called five minutes later.

After the Dr. finished her examination, prescribed medication and detailed treatment, I asked to take a look at that bump on my neck.  She was quite shocked as was I, to find a newly embedded Deer Tick there.  By using a tool that is basically a metal tube with edge of one end razor sharpened, she proceeded to remove a cylindrical  chunk of me with the head of the tick embedded in it and its little back legs waving above.  You will have to rely on whatever mental picture that provides as unfortunately I did not bring my camera.  She then stitched the hole in my neck up and provided me with a prescription for antibiotic.  She told me I could make an appointment with my family care provider for two weeks in the future to get tested for Lyme Disease and to get the stitches out.

My theory on these strange events is that some person visiting the dermatologist before me — Getting treated for a tick bite maybe? — left that bugger in the chair where it hitched a ride on me and creeped its way up to my neck as I sat there motionless waiting for it to sink its vampire fangs into me.

But that is not the whole story.   Over the past few weeks I have been fighting a cold and I thought I had almost beaten it, but a few days before my dermatologist appointment my cold appeared to have moved into my chest and I was experiencing extreme congestion and although I was not running a fever, I was not feeling very well.   Then on the same day of the dermatologist / tick experience, but later in the afternoon, I was — with the van from work — delivering a couch of mine that I had donated to one of my clients.  While tilting the thing on its end in an attempt to wrestle it through his apartment door, I struck the third rib from the bottom on my lefts side on the leg of the couch – painfully.  After the initial pain subsided, I noticed that it was pretty sore at the site and that it hurt a little in that area when I breathed.  For the next two days I trudged on, doing mountains of work and feeling continually worse until finally when I left my office at six P.M. on Friday, I went directly to my health clinic (armed of course again with my Kindle) to await being seen.

Two hours later when I was finally called in, I was X-rayed and the found no break, plus there was no sign of Pneumonia, but the doctor said it appeared that I do have a lung infection.  When I related the “tick experience” to her, besides finding it amusing, she informed me that there was almost no chance I could be infected with Lyme Disease from that bite.  She happened to be somewhat of an expert on the subject, having treated she said “hundreds of cases” when she worked in Rochester during an outbreak of the disease.  She said it takes the tick being in your body for twenty-four hours before an infection can be transmitted from the tick to the host.

But the thing that ties this whole mess together is that the doctor told me she would have prescribed the exact same antibiotic prescribed by the dermatologist — Doxycycline —  which I had been taking for the past two days to treat my lung infection.  Thanks to that treatment is now cleared up.

Mr. President,

I do not in any way envy the position you are in as regards Syria.  As much as I hate the idea of actually agreeing with something said by Congressman Paul — trust me, this would be the only thing — I think that what we should do as regards Syria along with all the conflicts in the middle east  is nothing.  The situation in that whole region sprung forth as a result of seeds planted in colonial times.   The various extremist groups that abound gained their first real power when they rushed in to fill the vacuum created by the collapse of colonialism.  But each of these extremist groups filled a different area of that vacuum   Since that collapse, repeated attempts by the US and it allies to ameliorate the situation have been made, but history is quite clear that not only have these attempts failed, they almost always have made things worse.

The culture of these extremist groups is steeped in the “Blood Feud” which originated in Bedouin desert tribes.   To a member of one of these groups this means: If I perceive that you have done wrong to any member of my group, it is my right and obligation to retaliate and sacrifice my life if need be doing so.  The fact that people blow themselves up constantly in support of this crazy doctrine, is a clear indication of its power.  Whenever we or one of our allies supports one group over another in any way — for example the Sunni rebel group the Saudi’s would have us support — attacks against us and our allies is immediately  ramped up by al qaeda .  If giving even financial aid to one side over the other exacerbates the problem, then what can we do?  We can let them work out their secular differences among themselves.  If they want to be theocratic societies that is their business, let them.  If they are not interested in western culture and morals, we should respect that and not attempt to flood them with it.   If on the other hand, Egypt, Syria, Iran, etc want a Democratic society they will have to make that happen themselves like we did.   I think it has been proven without a doubt that this change cannot be orchestrated from the outside.  It must come from within.   Maybe in another hundred years, the Sunnis and the Shiites will be able to coexist in the way that our Catholics and Protestants do today — plenty of disagreement, with only rare occurrences of mayhem.

I am against the death penalty — do not think it is justified ever.  I just wanted to make my stand on the death penalty clear to the reader before I continue.

I googled “Crimes punishable by death” and found the Death Penalty Information Center  and their claim is that: “The death penalty in the United States is used almost exclusively for the crime of murder.”   They go on to say that in some states the death penalty is in the statutes to include those who commit rape against children.

While I am appalled by even the idea of such people and the depraved acts they commit — People who would without any twinge of conscience rob others of their most precious possessions — their lives and their futures  and  while I think when these “people” when convicted of such acts, should never see the light of freedom again I still am against the death penalty.

Officially killing people as a punishment for killing people is just plain illogical.  Doing such is the equivalent of having an orgy to promote virginity or a war to promote peace.

That being said however, the death penalty still exists and people continue to be executed. Since this barbaric procedure continues, then perhaps some of those who have traditionally been immune to this consequence should be included.

Why is some dirt-bag who plans and executes a burglary of a liquor store and brutally murders the owner any worse than (or as bad as in my opinion) the CEO of a major corporation or a bank who knowingly makes decisions that ruin the lives of not one man and his family, but of millions of hard-working people and who negatively impacts — well – the whole world?  How many people lost their entire fortunes so these sociopaths could turn a quick profit?  How many people died, either by suicide or by stress related disease as a result of their greed?  I do not know those figures, but I do know how many of the CEO vermin got a lethal injection.  That would be zero.  And in addition to not being executed or almost all cases, not even serving  time.  To add to that insult, these “people” received obscenely large bonuses as a result of the profits made by them from their activity that brought the world’s finances through the dire straits that it now navigates.   Again, I do not believe anyone should get the death penalty, but if anybody does, the above mentioned corporate scumbags should be first in line.

Definition at


noun Informal .

an insignificant, silly, or bothersome person: Pay no attention to that obnoxious little twit!
1920 – 25;  perhaps orig. noun derivative of twit ,  i.e., “one whotwits others,” but altered in sense by association with
 expressive words with tw-  ( twaddletwattwerp,  etc.) and by rhyme withnitwit
Definition from  dictionary Worldtake’s brain:


noun Informal .

one particularly annoying, destructive, form of mental masturbation perpetrated by twits.
Origin: Evolved from  TV
The other day I was driving my car on the job in a nearby town and was stopped at a street light on a cross street that runs through the main arterial highway in that town.   As I sat waiting for the light watching the cars whizzing by at the speed limit of 55 — with many of them exceeding this — I noticed a young couple walking on the sidewalk approaching this same intersection to cross the arterial from the other side of it.  As they approached the crossing,  I noticed that the girl was holding a hand-held device in front of her, with her thumbs whirring across the device and her head bobbing from side-to side in trans-like manner reminiscent of the self-stimulation “head-bobbing” activities I have observed severely disabled people exhibit at various institutions in which I have worked .  When they reached the intersection, had her partner not grabbed her arm, the girl would have stepped right in front of an oncoming twelve wheeler — and extremely loud twelve wheeler that this walking zombie was totally oblivious of.
When are people going to realize that these things are turning out nations young into moronic, self-involved robots?  Every year our universities and colleges have to lower their academic standard in order for these people, who can no longer form simple sentences, let along paragraphs to even be accepted.
A good friend of mine who is a Professor of English at a major university in Texas told me that it truly does get worse every year.  He tells me of how frustrating it is to grade papers of his students who — many who came to him as supposed honors students — provide him with such gems in papers submitted as, “I take it for granite, it is a doggy dog world”.
Starting in the 1950’s, TV began the process of turning our brains into mush, but with the advent of texting, things are getting much worse.  The simple fact is that although the brain is not actually a muscle,  how it becomes stronger — how one becomes more intelligent, is analogous to how a muscle gets stronger. Just like the muscle gets stronger with work, the brain gets smarter with work.  Walking around and typing in such phrases as, “OMG I just farted!”, with not build, but will rot the brain.

Hey Folks,

Just thought I would write a blog that gives a short description of the more than fifty blogs I have written so far.  My blogs are divided into categories, so I will arrange this blog in the same way.  Note that some of my blogs fall into more than one of my categories, but they will only be chronicled once below. The blogs are listed in each category in chronological order from the oldest to the newest.

In “The Mexico Expedition“, I tell about an expedition my father and I went on in the jungles of Mexico. In “Shrimp Boats” Although the next blog, entitled “Grand Canyon” is yet unfinished, I published it anyway and at some point will finish this massive blog about the fun-filled trip to the Grand Canyon with the family of my best friends.  Economizing Words details a four-day conference I attended on Long Island, where I began to learn techniques for teaching mobility skills to persons who are deaf-blind.

This category has several entries, but two are rather silly like, “Anti Aging” “Cream” which does not deserve an explanation and “Lovesick Squirrel“, which is also rather weak. I do think that my blog about “The Empty bus“, which details my most embarrassing moment is, if I do say so myself, pretty funny. In “No Virginia“, I shared one person’s(was unable to find who this piece originally came from) scientific analysis of the impossibility of the existence of Santa. In “jokes” I add a few favorite jokes I have received from hyper space over the years. In “National Bake Sale” I make my own tongue-in-cheek “modest proposal” as to how to solve our national debt crisis.

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This category had a few entries, but the others have already been mentioned in other categories, so there is only one left.  “A Mystery Noise”  Tells about an actual, very frustrating experience I had in my home one long night.

I have two short stories of my own in this category, “Symbiosis” a completely fictional short short story about an encounter with an unusual individual and “Words in Time“, another short short of mine with time travel as its theme.  And finally in this category, I put in one that is not mine “The Story of an Hour“, by Kate Chopin.  Although only one page long,  this is one of the most powerful short stories I have ever read.

In this final category, I offer on blog that lists some of my favorite “aphorisms” in general and then two more that deal specifically with “Death” and “Ennui”  I also include a list of “Aphorattemts” which lists some original quotes of mine.

In my ‘Racism Is’ Blog, I argue that racial bigotry is an inaccurate characterization and the term ethnic should always be used in place of racial.   But, what about the cause of ethnic bigotry?  Where did it come from?

The conventional wisdom has been that parents who are bigots teach their children to be bigots by modeling bigoted behaviour, but science has now shown us that while such parents do foster bigotry, and they are in fact the initial cause of it, the mechanism for ethnic bigotry comes into effect days after birth and parents are unaware of it.  In his excellent book The Hidden Brain: How Our Unconscious Minds Elect Presidents, Control Markets, Wage Wars, and Save Our Lives,  the author, Shankar Vedantam shows through multiple rigorous studies that children all over the world consistently prefer their own ethnic group over others from the earliest age.  He attributes the cause to infants being able to recognize certain facial features, especially the eyes and the nose — features you will notice that are the major identifiers for the differences between ethnic groups.

So practically all children in the world pretty much start out with ethnic bias and according to Mr. Vedantam, regardless of the attitude of parents in such matters these biases will continue until about age twelve, when they will either become stronger or weaker, depending on the influence of significant others after that.